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Meet The Team

Rod Baptie

Rod has been involved with hi-tech since 1984. Formerly Managing Director of WBN (a leading hi-tech agency), Rod's introduction to hi-tech was the launch of dBase Ill and Framework in 1984. During the 1980’s, Rod was responsible for the successful launch of over 20 major technology companies into the European market. 

In 1993 Rod launched Baptie & Co, which grew rapidly to become world’s leading provider of best practice and how-to information for executives in the technology and telecom industries. Baptie & company’s communities and events provide invaluable insights on the latest trends, sales, marketing and management issues through peer to peer interaction.

A popular speaker at conferences and seminars worldwide, Rod is recognized as one of the leading thinkers in the IT/Telcom channels industry as well as building, running and managing those B2B communities.

Founder/ President

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Bachis Balfe


Director of Events

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Caleb Brown

Senior Customer Service Manager

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